Optics and its related sciences deal with research on the propagation and detection of light and its interaction with matter. Discoveries in the field of optics and photonics have a significant impact on the development of science and technology, which is perfectly demonstrated by the 25 Nobel prizes awarded for this type of achievement.

The University of Warsaw offers a wide range of Master's studies in optics and photonics. They provide a solid foundation in many fields of modern science and the tools students need to become world-class scientists or entrepreneurs.

Master's studies last 2 years and end with the defense of the master's thesis. Classes conducted at the University of Warsaw take place in modern, well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls and computer labs.

The study program is structured in such a way that students can devote as much time as possible to the development of their scientific career by working in numerous research groups at the University of Warsaw and / or research institutes cooperating with it. Their research is very often fruitful numerous publications, awards and other achievements.

Studies offer

Studies offer


Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

Physics with one of the following specializations
  • Optics (PL / EN)
  • Modeling of Physical Phenomena (PL / EN)
  • Geophysics (PL / EN)
  • Physics of Condensed Matter and Semiconductor Nanostructures (PL / EN)
  • Theoretical Physics (PL / EN)
  • Photonics (PL)
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics (PL)
  • Nuclear methods of physics and solids (PL)
  • Physics methods in economics (PL)
  • Teaching and popularization of physics (PL)
Nanostructure Engineering with one of the following specializations:
  • Photonics (PL)
  • Modeling of nanostructures and new materials (PL)
  • Nanotechnologies and Characterization of New Materials
Application of Physics in Biology and Medicine with one of the following specializations:
  • Molecular biophysics (PL)
  • Molecular Design and Bioinformatics (PL)
  • Medical Physics (PL)
  • Neuroinformathics (PL)
Astronomy (PL)
Optometry (PL)
Forensics and Forensic Science (PL)
Energetics and Nuclear Chemistry (PL)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (PL)

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw

Chemistry (PL)
Applied Chemistry (PL)
Medical chemistry (PL)
Advanced Instrumental Analysis (PL)
Forensics and Forensic Science (PL)
Energy and Nuclear Chemistry (PL)

Recruitment for studies

Detailed information on registration and requirements for candidates is published every year on dedicated website

Should you have any additional questions regarding registration details for a Master's degree program, please contact the relevant Dean for student affairs.

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

dr. hab. Krzysztof Turzyński
prof. UW

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw

dr. hab. Beata Krasnodębska-Ostręga

Studies Offer

PhD studies

The University of Warsaw also offers doctoral studies, which last 4 years and end with the submission of a doctoral dissertation. For related research With optics and photonics, studies can be carried out in the field of physical, chemical or mathematical sciences. Education is coordinated by one of two units: the Doctoral School Sciences and Natural Sciences or the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, where interdisciplinary projects can be carried out.

Education in Doctoral Schools includes, among others, classes in the form of specialist monographic lectures, courses and practices improving skills in the field of conducting didactics at a university, workshops, specialist seminars, research seminars, individual classes with the supervisor and two-day scientific conferences. Some classes are intended to be interdisciplinary in nature. The curriculum at the Doctoral School is largely individualized, and the selection of individual classes specialist is determined by each doctoral student together with the supervisor. All classes related to the topic of the doctorate take place on the Ochota campus in modern, laboratories equipped at the world level, adapted to the needs and challenges of the 21st century.

Information on the details of recruitment in a given academic year can be found on the websites of Doctoral Schools or by contacting contact the school office.

Recruitment for studies

The basis of each recruitment process for doctoral studies is finding a promoter who will agree to take care of the candidate to the Doctoral School. We recommend starting your search from the tab Research Groups or from promoters search.

Student organizations

All students are encouraged to contribute to the life of the academic community of the University of Warsaw. One of the best ways to do this is to join to local student organizations, under which students have the opportunity to take part in interesting research projects giving the possibility of cooperation with PhD students and research staff.

Most of the students involved in optics-related research are up to three academic circles:

Students can also join Choir of the Faculty of Physics, whose performances not only add splendor to the main organized events at the faculty, but which also provides students with a great springboard from everyday struggles with the world of science.

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