Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy

Present activity of laboratory of laser spectroscopy is focused on application of ultrasensitive laser absorption spectroscopy methods for detection of trace gases in air. Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) and Multipass Spectroscopy (MUPASS) are used. Sensors of NO, NO2 CO, CH4, NH3 and OCS were elaborated; their sensitivity reaches ppb level. Their possible application concerns investigation of air exhaled from human lungs, since these constituents are the markers of various diseases. The sensors of formaldehyde and ethane (biomarkers of cancers) are elaborated presently. High sensitivity (~1011 cm-3) detector H2O was constructed for atmospheric physics investigation. It allows water vapor observation in air at the altitudes reaching 40 km.

Keywords: laser spectroscopy, cavity ring-down spectroscopy, multipass spectroscopy

Tadeusz Stacewicz

Group Leader